Rolltack's Story

Home of the most innovative equestrian product in recent times.

This tack trolley is designed by horse owners to make life easier for every equestrian enthusiast who needs tack to ride, whether young or old, recreational rider or top competitor, regardless of ability or gender.

The Rolltack is a multi-purpose saddle trolley which doubles as a car saddle rack and has a built in mounting block, a wet/dry compartment and can even be used as a seat!.  It's designed to accommodate General Purpose, Jumping and Dressage saddles.  With an adjustable handle it can be used at home, away or in transit. Available in ten colours - there is a colour to suit everyone!


Founders of Rolltack the multi-purpose tack trolley

From left: Louise, Anne and Clare

Hi, I’m Clare Medland and I designed and created Rolltack.

Ever wanted something that just didn’t exist?  Well that’s the position I found myself in when I wanted a tack trolley that doubled as a car saddle rack.  I searched the internet and all the equestrian catalogues with no success, so I decided "if I can’t buy it – I’ll make it!"

I set about making a trolley out of discarded items in my garage.  My homemade trolley did our job well, and then one day I thought there must be other like-minded equestrians who would like the same trolley, so I set about turning my trolley into a commercial product. 

A bit more designing and I had a five-in-one multipurpose tack trolley, my ‘one clever portable unit’ the ‘Rolltack’ was born!

Since going into production in November 2013 horse riders have been saying goodbye to the days of struggling with their heavy awkward equipment and the countless trips back and forward to the tack room or car with the help of the ‘Rolltack’.  This clever portable saddle trolley doubles as a car saddle rack, has a built-in mounting-block, a wet/dry compartment which can even be used as a seat!

Not only does it protect the saddle from damage, it saves the horse rider from damaging themselves hauling heavy tack and gear about.

It’s the ‘golf trolley’ for horse riders and its multipurpose features offer the horse rider so much more than just a trolley! 

No matter where you ride you will always have a mounting-block with you to get on your horse.  The ‘Rolltack’ comes in ten striking colours – so there’s one to suit everyone.

We’re based near Dromara in Northern Ireland and the Rolltacks are made in Northern Ireland.  It is of great importance to us as a company that we produce a quality product to you the consumer, but also to support our local economy here in Northern Ireland.

I have been supported throughout my venture by my sister Anne and her daughter Louise, the horse rider in the family.  We have been involved with horses for over twenty years and currently have two horses, Max and Fred.

We hope you love our product as much as we do and most importantly reap the benefits of it, make life a little bit easier and be ready to roll!