The 'Rolltack'

This revolutionary tack trolley has been designed by horse owners to make life easier for every equestrian enthusiast who needs tack to ride – yes that’s most of us!

Let us introduce the ‘Rolltack’- a new versatile multi-functional tack trolley.
  • No more struggling to carry all your heavy awkward tack. 
  • Protects your saddle in transit
  • Broad wheels for better carriage
  • Doubles as a car saddle rack as it has an adjustable handle 
  • Has as a built in mounting block so you can get on your horse anywhere (max. weight of 18st/252lb/114kg).
  • Designed to carry Dressage, Jumping and General Purpose saddles
  • Bungee strap secures long girth straps off the ground
  • Can be used at home or at events
  • Has a wet/dry compartment
  • Can be used as a seat
  • Stainless steel handle - fits all hatchback and estate vehicles


The Rolltack comes part self-assembly.  Simply attach the handle and you’re ready to roll!
Dimensions:    Length 75cm, width 44cm, height of handle extended 112cm, handle folded 65cm, height of mounting block 48cm.


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