We are delighted to have been tried and tested by Your Horse magazine. International show jumper Jay Halim thinks we are "simply genius".  


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Products the Your Horse team, readers and pro riders have tried, tested, used to death and can't live without!


The Rolltack system is genius


Used by International show jumper Jay Halim for six months


This clever portable tack transportation system, called Rolltack, is simply genius. You can easily move your saddle and other bits and pieces around the yard, or transport them neatly in the boot of your car if you keep your tack at home.  It's proved to be really hardwearing and has kept my kit organised.  Also, I never get on any of my horses from the ground and there's never anyone to give me a leg up, so the built-in mounting block is great.  



Charlie Davis


Charlie Davis is an up and coming 18 year old year old advanced medium dressage rider, based in Bushey, Hertfordshire.  Charlie and his horses train with Grand Prix dressage rider, Daniel Sheriff.   Charlie has represented the Eastern Region at the British Young Riders Dressage Squad inter-regionals at B squad level, BYRDs home international at medium level, and were selected for Sheepgate U25's.  Charlie also rode for London at the Inter-counties at elementary level and at the regionals at elementary level, receiving the prize for the best BYRDs rider.  you can follow Charlie's achievement by following his twitter page.  Charlie is a Rolltack supported rider.


“I have been to many BYRDs camps, at  which the Rolltack was extremely helpful. It was so easy to transport my dressage saddle and gear from the lorry to the stables without a fuss. Please buy one, the Rolltack team are all super helpful, and the items themselves are exceptionally produced”.



Olivia Wilmot of Haddow eventing


Olivia Wilmot is a Rolltack supported rider.  Olivia is a successful 4* event rider based in East Kilbride in Scotland and trains with legendary eventer Ian Stark OBE.


"I recently got my Rolltack and have found it a great piece of kit especially when going out in the car and trailer. It makes it so easy to pack my kit and move it in and out of the car and around the yard. Looking forward to taking it out and about to events both in the car, trailer and the horse box! It's going go make life at events and competitions much easier".



Penny Hollings, Top Show Rider -Team Hollings


Penny Hollings is a top Show Rider and is part of Team Hollings.  Based in The Ribble Valley, Penny and her team produce show horses and continue to earn top accolades.


"We love our Rolltack.  Versatile, combining mounting block and storage area with easy  movement.  Easy to keep clean and is part of our essential kit for shows.  Lightweight but robust enough".



Lord Stephen Woollands - Top Show Rider


Lord Stephen Woollands is a top show Rider with numerous successes to his name.


"One of the most innovative products to hit the horse world in years"

"I love it, it holds all my stuff for the ring including a big bottle of coke, show sheen the lot and some where to put my saddle when stripping, some where for my groom to sit awaiting my class to watch and no more clambering on or leg ups as it doubles has a mounting block and no more sand on my saddle wonderful invention!!"





Karen & Reuben Martin


Karen and Reuben Martin own one horse called PJ and both have been involved in all aspects of the equestrian field from show jumping to hunting. Currently they both enjoy their older horse for pleasure and are regular weekly visitors to Murlough Bay and Tollymore forest and  take part in many rural rides.


Karen remarked, "As we have now had our Rolltack for a good trial period I feel we are in a situation to make a fair judgement on its performance.  From purchasing we have used our Rolltack on every outing with our horse. We have already got our Rolltack in action, and I must say that we are really delighted in how handy it makes carrying all the tack etc - we should have had one years ago!!”


Karen explained, "To be totally honest Reuben was not sold on the Rolltack when I suggested we would go and have a look at one.  I asked him for some feedback and Reuben said - "Oh it's fantastic I just load all the gear into and on to the Rolltack in the tack room and wheel it out to the jeep and just set it in.  Everything stays in place during the journey, the jeep is kept free of hairs (grey horse) , and it is much more sturdy than I thought, it's so handy to untack after riding and set the saddle on, fantastic piece of kit!"